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The Process Part Two: Getting to Work

(Continued from What to expect) When beginning this post about what a potential client should expect it quickly became a bit more detailed and longer than expected. It was evident that “Part Two” would be a good idea. Let’s see…

The “Dreaded” Review Board

One of the best parts of my career in Architecture is designing and getting homes built in many different places. Many places I am lucky enough to design homes have an organization that enforces the rules or the covenants of…

The Secret to the Perfect House Plan

I am always looking for the mythical “Perfect House Plan”. The plan that does everything for everyone. The plan that checks all the boxes. Functional, beautiful, sellable, profitable, adaptable over a lifetime, lovable, efficient to build and not one square…

Why Would An Architect Write?

After 20 something years of working in the world of Architecture and wondering what the next 20 years will bring, an architect realizes that he/she may just have some experience and knowledge to share. I have loved and still do…

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