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Does your Home show your personality? One of the reasons we raise our heads from our desks here at Allison Ramsey Architects is to analyze some of our finished projects as well as projects of other designers here in the…

Where does my Garage belong?

Here at Allison Ramsey Architects, we understand that we are built a little differently. We think about houses and buildings almost nonstop. We all work a bit too much; we think about designing during most of our waking hours. We…

Context is Critical

In Architecture school we are taught that every structure you design in your career will take place within surrounding conditions. It may be an urban downtown building, a beach house on the panhandle of Florida, a park structure in a…

Do I Need a House For My Car?

Part of our work here at Allison Ramsey Architects is introducing our clients to builders and helping them get acquainted with the process of building. We will often do this after our schematic design has been fleshed out with the…

Giving Gifts to the Street

Gifts to the Street? Occasionally, in the life of an Architect, we get to travel for business. At Allison Ramsey Architects we are a bit spoiled and regularly design and draw for places all over the country. There are, of…

Rooted in Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND)

Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) often incorporates architectural styles that have stood the test of time. By prioritizing classic, traditional designs, the communities we work in often have a timeless appeal that is not subject to the whims of current design…

Why We Design Houses the Way We Do

As an architect, I am often asked about my design philosophy and what drives me to do the work that I do. When I first started my career building low-cost housing with Habitat for Humanity in Africa, it made me…

The Modern Farmhouse

One of our most popular design features is the modern farmhouse. We have several variations of this built across the country and offer several house plans that combine a classic, traditional style with modern layouts and contemporary design. While we…

Home Fix-It Shows and Architects

OK, I will admit it. I will expose myself. I love to watch home fix-it shows! I watch all sorts. It all started for me with This Old House and Bob Vila. The professional folks, the novice house flippers, the…

The Process Part Two: Getting to Work

(Continued from What to expect) When beginning this post about what a potential client should expect it quickly became a bit more detailed and longer than expected. It was evident that “Part Two” would be a good idea. Let’s see…

The “Dreaded” Review Board

One of the best parts of my career in Architecture is designing and getting homes built in many different places. Many places I am lucky enough to design homes have an organization that enforces the rules or the covenants of…

The Secret to the Perfect House Plan

I am always looking for the mythical “Perfect House Plan”. The plan that does everything for everyone. The plan that checks all the boxes. Functional, beautiful, sellable, profitable, adaptable over a lifetime, lovable, efficient to build and not one square…

Why Would An Architect Write?

After 20 something years of working in the world of Architecture and wondering what the next 20 years will bring, an architect realizes that he/she may just have some experience and knowledge to share. I have loved and still do…

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