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When working with developers, we have the opportunity to create more than just houses—we can build vibrant, connected neighborhoods that promote well-being. Three key elements are pivotal in this effort: incorporating green spaces, walkable centers, and designing communal gathering areas.

Principles of New Urbanism

The principles of New Urbanism provide a blueprint for seamlessly integrating green spaces and purposeful community design elements.

Serenbe Townhomes Green Space
Serenbe Townhomes

Green Spaces at the Forefront

A core tenet of New Urbanism is the creation of walkable neighborhoods with parks, trails, and natural amenities woven throughout, not isolated from residences. These green spaces are more than just areas of nature-they are the heart of our communities. They offer a respite from the urban hustle, reducing stress and improving mental health. But beyond their calming influence, they become community hubs where neighbors can gather for recreation and events or simply enjoy the weather among friends, fostering a sense of joy and community.

Vibrant, Walkable Centers

New Urbanism also emphasizes mixed-use development with residential areas intermixed with commercial, retail, and civic spaces. This allows for a vibrant central hub and walkable design that encourages human interactions. Well-defined plazas, greens, and community centers draw residents out of their homes and into the neighborhood public realms.

Hammond’s Ferry Mixed-Use

Designing for Connection

Just as crucial are smaller-scale design choices that facilitate neighborly connections. These could include a centralized mailbox pavilion or post kiosk, benches or communal seating areas, and other thoughtful elements that create organic gathering spots where residents can exchange greetings and spark conversations.

Saluda River Club Amphitheater

Avoiding Suburban Disconnection

These types of purposeful community design elements, whether it’s a centralized mailbox pavilion, a communal seating area, or a green space, help avoid the disconnected, impersonal feel of isolated suburban neighborhoods with streetscape clutter like rows of mailboxes. Each decision to thoughtfully incorporate shared spaces and green amenities pays dividends in fostering vibrancy, a sense of belonging, and community well-being, regardless of the scale or type of project.

Saluda River Club Post Office

Building Great Places

When working with developers, we don’t want to just design properties—we want to nurture neighborhoods. Green spaces and communal areas are vital investments in mental health, relationships, and cultivating the well-connected communities we all desire. 

Are you a developer ready to embrace New Urbanism principles and integrate green spaces and community-centered designs into your next project? 

Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision, provide innovative design solutions, and ensure the integration of green spaces and community-centered designs in your next project, all within your budget and timeline. 

Reach out to Allison Ramsey Architects for expert guidance and support in crafting developments that truly stand out. 

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