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Designing Your Dream Home
Sapelo Sound (21352)

While bittersweet, the transition into the “empty nester” phase of life opens the door to new freedoms and opportunities. 

With your children embarking on their own adventures, it’s the perfect time to consider how your home can evolve or how a new home can better suit your new lifestyle. 

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Assess Your New Needs

Before you break ground on a new home, it’s crucial to reassess your needs. Your daily routine has likely changed, and your home should reflect this. 

Ask yourself:

  1. What hobbies or activities do you want space for in your new home?
  2. Do you wish to stay close to your current community, or are you looking for a change of scenery?
  3. How important is it to be near shopping, healthcare, or entertainment options?

Creating a checklist of these priorities will help you focus your design and ensure your new home meets your current and future needs.

4 Essential Features for Empty Nesters

Just because your children have moved out doesn’t mean you can’t revamp your home to suit this new stage of your life. It’s the perfect time to design a home that truly reflects your personal style and meets your changing needs. 

This is a perfect time to focus on what makes you happy and comfortable, and we’re sharing four essential features that are a must-have for your new home:  

1. Master Bedroom Upgrades

Why not turn your master bedroom into a deluxe escape? Think about adding a spa-like en-suite with all the amenities you love, designing a walk-in closet with custom storage solutions, and perhaps including a cozy corner for reading or enjoying your morning coffee in peace.

Designing Your Dream Home
Sapelo Sound (21352)

Bonus Tip: Elegant touches like soft lighting, plush rugs, and luxurious linens can make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel room. 

2. Guest Accommodations

Set up a guest room that can double as a multi-purpose room to ensure you’re able to enjoy every space of your home. You could use versatile furniture options such as sofa beds or Murphy beds that can free up space when not hosting, allowing the room to double as a hobby room or home office.

Or, and this is our personal favorite, build a separate space away from the house. This can be an adorable tiny home or a detached garage with a stylish apartment. Both options will have your guests wanting to stay a little longer, especially if you include special touches like a well-equipped en-suite, a kitchenette, and comfortable bedding to make visitors feel at home.

Designing Your Dream Home
Guest Cottage (13102)

3. Ground-Level Amenities

Place key amenities like the laundry room on the main floor to avoid the need for stairs and make daily chores easier. Just because you’re a new empty nester doesn’t mean you’re old, but it also doesn’t mean you’re getting younger. This stage of your life is all about relaxation and convenience. 

Crabtree Valley (17306)

4. Hobby and Leisure Spaces

Now that you’re not carpooling the soccer team to practice or rushing to make show choir practice, you have time to enjoy your hobbies — or find new ones! When designing your home, be sure to allocate areas for activities. 

Detach garages make a wonder space for a workshop, home gym, or an art studio, while tiny homes can turn into a crafting oasis that can double as a meeting place for your monthly book club. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Crabtree Valley (17306)

Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate to inject a bit of luxury into your daily life and make your home a place where you can enjoy your newfound freedom to the fullest.

Build Your Next Chapter with Allison Ramsey

As an empty nester, building a new home offers a wonderful opportunity to fine-tune your living environment to reflect your personal style and needs. With careful planning and thoughtful design, your new home can continue to be a source of comfort and joy, tailored perfectly to the next chapter of your life.

At Allison Ramsey Architects, we are experts in designing homes that meet the unique needs of those entering this exciting phase of life. Our designs beautifully integrate practicality and aesthetics, ensuring your home is a perfect fit for enjoying your newfound freedom and keeping up with your lifestyle. If you’re looking to bring your dream home to life, let us help you make it a reality you’ll love.

Ready to get started designing the perfect home? Try out the Configurator today! 

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