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Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Gilliam Springs

As a small-scale developer, you know that staying ahead of the curve is vital for your success. Our collection of top-selling house plans for 2023 presents a fantastic opportunity for builders to surpass market expectations. Let’s explore the top 10 plans and how savvy builders can leverage these designs to drive their business forward. 

Our Best-Selling House Plans of 2023

1. Wren Cottage 

The Wren is a game-changer for builders aiming to tap into the demand for efficient living spaces. It might be the perfect ADU (accessory dwelling unit). This little cutie has provided for so many needs over the years. It can be used as a mother-in-law suite, a college kid’s “come back” crash pad, an excellent short-term or long-term rental that can be added to almost any home for extra income – the list goes on! Its one-bedroom layout maximizes every square foot without sacrificing style. Everyone can leverage the Wren to cater to the rising trend of compact yet sophisticated living spaces.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Wren Cottage

2. Whisper Creek Cottage

The Whisper Creek Cottage is a versatile choice that builders can use to attract diverse demographics. Its main-floor primary suite is a key selling point that appeals to homebuyers looking for convenience and functionality. This cottage is perfect for downsizing retirees. The flexible third bedroom can be used for many different purposes: an artist’s studio, a dining space, or a library. Just check out all of the different versions of this plan on our website to see the versatility of that flex space.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Whisper Creek Cottage

3. Gilliam Springs

The Gilliam Springs house plan opens doors for builders to address diverse housing needs, as its generous space makes it an excellent choice for families looking for more living space. Builders can make this design their go-to choice for families and individuals looking for grandeur and functionality. With a master suite, flex space, and a second bedroom on the main floor, the Gilliam Springs’ wide-open floor plan is perfect for taking in the views. This plan checks all the boxes.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Gilliam Springs

4. Ramsey

For builders looking to cater directly to the needs of families, the Ramsey is the total package. Featuring three bedrooms, a first-floor master suite, and family-centric living spaces, this is the ideal family home.

Best-Selling Plans 2023

5. Coosaw River Cottage

Builders can leverage the allure of the Coosaw River Cottage to families who appreciate comfort, style, and nature. With its screened-in porch and covered areas, this plan draws in homebuyers who enjoy the outdoors as much as they do comfort.

Best-Selling Plans 2023
Coosaw River Cottage

6. The Port Arthur

Do you have homebuyers requesting home plans with one level? The Port Arthur is the answer you’ve been searching for. Homebuyers will love its retreat-like layout, providing indoor and outdoor space for hosting friends and family.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Port Authur

7. Old Oyster Retreat

For builders aiming to offer an experience of refined living, the Old Oyster stands as a testament to timeless grandeur. Emphasizing its grand living spaces, builders can leverage this plan for homebuyers requesting a home that transcends the ordinary.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Old Oyster Retreat

8. Beaufort River Cottage

The Beaufort River Cottage’s efficient use of space makes it an excellent choice for couples. Builders can market its two-bedroom layout as a cozy retreat that combines practicality with comfort, addressing the needs of those seeking a charming, comfortable home.

Best-Selling Plans 2023
Beaufort River Cottage

9. The Anna Maria

Designed for homeowners who love hosting gatherings, the Anna Maria offers spacious living and a vast covered porch. Builders can use this house plan to market homebuyers looking for a home designed for entertaining and creating timeless memories. All in a single story.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
The Anna Maria

10. Duke Street II

For builders looking to attract small families, couples, and individuals alike, the Duke II is an ideal choice. At its smaller square footage, it’s a perfect blend of comfort and style, appealing to homebuyers who desire a cozy and comfortable living space.

Best-Selling Plans of 2023
Duke Street II

Unleashing Success and Propelling Your Business

When you incorporate Allison Ramsey’s best-selling house plans into your portfolio, your business positions itself at the forefront of current trends. Our designs exceed market demands, guaranteeing that your projects leave a lasting and impressive impact.

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